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Wild Salmon Defender Gets Honorary Ph.D., Starts Long Walk for Wild Salmon
Biologist Alexandra Morton receives honorary doctoral degree, and will walk the 500 km length of Vancouver Island to bring pressure to bear on politicians and bureaucrats 03/22/2010 By Craig Weatherby
Our readers will be familiar with Alexandra Morton, the British Columbia based biologist.

Her research into the effects of salmon farms on wild salmon led her to start a fight to deter potential disaster.

Giant salmon farming corporations have accused her of being unscientific, and of being a paid shill for wild salmon fishermen and wild salmon sellers like us.

But these charges ring very hollow on both scores.

As to credibility, the papers she co-authored with researchers from the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and other academic institutions were published in Science, which ranks very high among the world's most respected peer-reviewed scientific journals.

And Alexandra's campaign to force British Columbia's regulators to enforce existing Canadian law is a shoe-string operation that runs mostly on small donations from concerned people… who include us and some of our readers.

In contrast, the forces arrayed against her grass roots alliance are billion-dollar global corporations with seriously deep pockets and political sway.

Alex Morton receives doctorate and announces walk for wild salmon
This week brought some vindication for Alex Morton, who has just been awarded an honorary doctoral degree in science by British Columbia's Simon Fraser University.

As she wrote on her new blog, "I am so hoping this helps people understand that the science I have done with my colleagues on the impact of salmon farms has the support of my peers, that it is real and valid, and that [BC's fisheries] managers must separate farmed and wild salmon.”

And Morton just announced that on April 23 she will start walking the entire length of Vancouver Island, from the village of Sointula to Victoria… a distance of about 310 miles (500 km).

Local people will walk roads from the west coast of Vancouver to join her, and others are setting up events in the towns along the way.

She's doing this to, as she writes, "…let people around the world know that we must make ourselves visible to politicians if we want to protect our wild fish...”

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You can also sign up for Alex Morton's alerts... and consider donating to her campaign as generously as you can!