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Vital Green Step #1: Provide Your Address and Information

Please fill in all the fields marked with a red asterisk (leave the Address 2 field blank if it does not apply to you).
Click "Continue" to see a list of FedEx shipping centers near you.
Click where indicated at the top of the next page, to view and print out a shipping label for the foam recycling center nearest you.

Vital Green Step #2:
Get FedEx Center Addresses and Your Foam-Recycling Center Shipping Label

A FedEx shipping label has been created for your foam shipping cube. To view and print it, please click HERE
Affix the label to your clean foam shipping cube and drop the cube off at the FedEx center nearest you.
Below is a list of FedEx drop-off centers near you, from which your foam shipping cube will be sent to the nearest recycling center, at no charge.
We suggest that you copy the address of the nearest center, or print this page for future reference.