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Having grown up and been raised in the Midwest, never in my life have my husband and I tasted salmon so amazing. After 50 years on this earth, we both now know what "real" wild Alaskan salmon should taste like. Thank you so much for the wonderful quality of fresh seafood as well as the awesome customer service!! Congratulations on your new [B Corp] award as well, well deserved!!
— Patty Heuer
I have never tasted shrimp like these ... they taste like little lobsters ... excellent. Thanks for another great offering!
— M. Riker, Kenosha, WI
I just had half a bucket of your spot prawns and I have to say they were fantastic! When I opened the frozen tub the prawns looked vibrant, healthy, clean and just perfect...they were soft not chewy, very very sweet and just divine. My only problem is that now I am out and have to order more!
— Thank you, Tiziana
I just wanted to say thank you! My order of salmon and cod arrived on the day specified. When I opened the package the fish had perfect color. I had a salmon dinner that night and cod last night and they were so tasty! I enjoyed every morsel! I look forward to future orders from Vital Choice.
— Donna DeFelice-O'Leary
I love your products! Thank you for making available such healthy, delicious food for those of us who want to eat only the best food on earth! I have been a customer for a few years now and adore your Salmon Burgers, canned salmon, canned tuna and frozen salmon and cod. Everything is so easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. My 13 year old loves the salmon burgers for any meal (sometimes breakfast) and loves the canned salmon for an after school snack - right out of the can! Thanks again!
— Aleta Bransfield
I am a "fish person", love it, eat it every day if I could. Always searching for the finest tasting salmon. I have ordered from many sites, and in many shops. Well folks here it is! I ordered from Vital Choice for the first time 2 weeks ago. I purchased a sampler pack because I didn't want to be stuck with a box of an unappetizing product. Let me tell you that every piece I received was outstanding, fresh, delicious and perfect. I'm sold on Vital Choice! I can't wait to order again. Thank you for a superior product, but mostly for being true to your word.
— Gail F. in Normal, IL
I want to thank you for your excellent service. I made a mistake ordering; when I called, you were concerned enough to find the order, change the shipping and get me the salmon when I needed it for Christmas Eve. Thank you for that, but more importantly, thank you for such excellent, healthy and clean products. Your company was like finding gold for my family.
— Jan Jessee
All I can say is Wow. I received my first order for my husband and I today (I get my dog's fish oil from you). The halibut and salmon were just delicious and the tastiest I have had in a long time. The mussels were out of this world. I didn't think that mussels would ship well, not to mention taste good after shipping, but they were still frozen when I received them (awesome packaging) and just tasted fabulous. All my dinner guests were impressed with the flavor and freshness of all the seafood. Customer for life now!!!
— J.P. Handsel
First order was the sampler. The whole package was absolutely delicious. We were so blown away! This is really sad to admit but this is the first time in my life that I have tasted fresh fish. It didn't smell and it was firm to the touch. Vital Choice you have spoiled us!! The best part about the sampler was all the different types of salmon. We were able to portion our meals very well because of the small size sampler servings. We used 2 packages each time we cooked and we really appreciated the variety. Just ordered another sampler. I will never order fish from anywhere else. Vital Choice thank you for helping this country by using safe practices and giving us a delicious and nutritious fish and fruit.
— Rose family
My mom sent me a case of Vital Choice Wild Red™ Sockeye Salmon. I've been eating that over spinach with a squeeze of lemon for lunch. For like, two weeks. – Jeanine Celeste Pang, Associate to the Editor-in-Chief of W magazine, writing in the the daily W blog feature "How W Editors Are Getting in Mid-Winter Shape". (You'll also see that two W editors use the cleanse programs from Frank Lipman, M.D., for whom we assembled three special Dr. Lipman BE WELL Packs.)
I appreciate your courtesy, which is on par with the excellent wild fish and seafood you represent! When "only the best will do" is the standard, everyone wins! Cordially,
— Audrey Schneider
Rebecca and I wanted to tell you personally how much we consistently enjoy the "Salmon Jerky Strips" from Vital Choice. They are easily transported and eaten (on an airplane or during a meeting) for a delicious, healthful snack ... thank you so much for the ingenious ideas that make it easier for the world to eat smarter and stay healthy! We follow your travels from your newsletter (which we thoroughly enjoy reading) and watch for an opportunity to say hello. We remain grateful for all your products….and we remain faithful buyers!
– Lowell & Rebecca Whitlock
So many times, I have wanted to write and thank you for your delicious, healthy and safe seafood. I was a commerical fisherman in Alaska for years and have a deep appreciation for this delicate resource. I am now a Certified Nutritionist in Idaho and grateful to have Vital Choice as a valuable resource for my clients. Last weekend, I attended the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, and to the delight of all, your wild sockeye salmon was the entree at lunch. It prompted me to write this long-overdue thank you for your generosity and vision.
— Margi McDaniel
I participated in the Perricone MD Metabolic challenge and ate Vital Choice sockeye salmon. I was impressed with the exceptional packaging, the care taken to send me a fresh and tasty product. The salmon was unlike anything I've eaten before. I was hooked from the very first fillet! Highly recommend the company and product.
— Claire R.
Dear Vital Choice, Thank you for taking care of us by having integrity and making clean food available to us.
– Jessica
Recently received my order of halibut and salmon packs. They were still nice and frozen, easy to store and best of all: the taste. We put a halibut and sockeye salmon on the BBQ last night and they were the best I have ever tasted. I couldn't believe I was eating fish. I guess I have not had great fish before but these are keepers for sure. My husband, who doesn't really like fish, really enjoyed them. We split the salmon and halibut so we could have a little of both. Thanks so much.
— Diane Barnett
At times, we invariably find that we just want a break from cooking and I keep Vital Choice canned seafood on hand for those moments! I have declared that these are the absolute best, best sardines, mackerel, and canned salmon I have ever, ever tasted - hands down. And ... the Ventresca is not the typical canned tuna by any stretch. I have salmon roe on top of my pasture raised eggs most mornings. Foods to live for! The most nutritious animal food, according to Dr. Price, was fish and shellfish.
— Sandrine Hahn, founder of "Nurturing our Children", a non-profit campaign of the Weston A. Price Foundation (
Your Sardines are so incredibly superior to anything in the market that even my kids love them. My kids are always asking, "Can we have Sardines for lunch again?" ...I used to buy sardines at Whole Foods, but then tried yours because of the BPA-free cans.
— Jennifer M., Wethersfield, CT

Health & Nutrition Experts Praise Vital Choice

Dr. Nicholas Perricone
Dr. Nicholas Perricone
"Wild Alaskan Salmon is the king of the super-foods. As my readers know I've long urged people to eat wild salmon as frequently as possible for many reasons."

"Salmon is the healthiest high protein food of all, powerfully anti-inflammatory, a uniquely powerful antioxidant, and a rare dietary source of DMAE...I always recommend wild-harvested Alaskan salmon, because it offers a far healthier fat profile than farmed salmon."

" is my favorite source for wild Alaskan salmon, sablefish, sardines, and other fish rich in omega-3s... I can't tell you how many messages I get from people thanking me for recommending Vital Choice."

Dr. Perricone is the host of several PBS-TV specials on anti-aging, and the author of several NYT bestsellers, including The Wrinkle Cure, The Perricone Prescription, The Acne Prescription, The Perricone Promise, The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet, and more.

Dr. Andrew Weil
Dr. Andrew Weil
"If you want wild salmon, you can order it online from one of my favorite sources, Vital Choice Seafood."

The following is an excerpt from a letter we received from Dr. Weil after spending time with him touring SE Alaska:

"… One never knows whether a business is doing right to serve a market, or out of conviction. After spending time together in close quarters, talking, fishing, sharing meals, and getting to know one another, I was pleased to see that the integrity of your business is a reflection of your own personal commitment to 'right livelihood' and your concern for the precious and pristine nature of the region."

"It is now even clearer to me that you take great care in selecting your products and partners, to ensure the highest standards of culinary quality, nutritional value, and environmental sustainability."

Dr. Weil is the author of several NYT bestsellers, including The Healthy Kitchen, 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, Spontaneous Healing, Women's Health, Natural Remedies, and Healthy Aging.

Dr. William Sears
Dr. William Sears
"The seafood and salmon oil capsules that Vital Choice carries are extremely healthy and tasty. Because I am very picky about what I feed my family, I was pleased to learn that the seafood products from Vital Choice had been tested and certified to be free of hazardous levels of pesticides and mercury."

"And it was so easy to get. I simply went online, placed my order and in two days a box of fully frozen seafood and wild blueberries arrived at our door. Over the past year many patients in our pediatric practice have happily ordered seafood and other products from and they have been very pleased."

"We just returned from giving a talk at a Neurology convention on a cruise ship in Alaska. The topic of my presentation was Feeding the Brain in which I gave the latest research on fish oil and brain health. Naturally, all the doctors in the audience wanted to know where they could get pure fish oil and I gave them your website. Keep up the great products!"

Dr. Sears and his wife Martha Sears, R.N., are the co-authors of more than 30 books, including several NYT bestsellers: The Baby Book, The Natural Baby, The Discipline Book, The Pregnancy Solution, and Prime-Time Health: A Scientifically Proven Plan for Feeling Young and Living Longer.

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. Joseph Mercola
"I have finally found a safe and delicious source for one of the most nutritious foods on earth — wild red salmon!"

"After research that included my testing the salmon through an independent lab, and of course tasting the salmon in a variety of recipes, I can now confidently and enthusiastically recommend the Vital Choice brand of wild red salmon to you!"

Dr. Mercola founded and operates the world's most frequently visited health and wellness website, and is the author of The No Grain Diet and The Total Health Cookbook and Program.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra
Dr. Stephen Sinatra
"Vital Choice Tuna and Salmon are tested for mercury, heavy metals and other toxins and the results are very impressive. And you'll see how different it is from other fish as soon as you open the can."

"Both the tuna and the salmon are unlike anything you've seen from the grocery store—they don't look dry, chopped up and over-processed, what you see is more like an actual fillet."

"The salmon is packed in its own deep red oil—an unmistakable sign that it's natural, fresh, real wild sockeye salmon. The tuna is just as mouth-watering ... Vital Choice packs the youngest, purest sashimi grade albacore."

"I recommend Vital Choice—my personal favorite for delicious, fresh, healthy, and completely safe canned tuna and salmon."

Dr. Sinatra is the author of The Sinatra Solution, Heart Sense for Women Heart Break and Heart Disease, A Cardiologist's Prescription for Optimum Health, and more.


quote-icon Purchasing from Vital Choice is always seamless, and the fish is superior to everything else! We love Vital Choice! quote-icon

quote-icon is my favorite source for wild Alaskan salmon, sablefish, sardines, and other fish rich in omega-3s... I can't tell you how many messages I get from people thanking me for recommending Vital Choice.
Simply put Vital Choice offers the best seafood and related products available. We have always recommended Vital Choice to clients, friends, and family. As health practitioners we value the sustainable practices and trust this company implicitly!

quote-icon Without a doubt the best canned seafood I’ve ever tasted. quote-icon

Unlike anything you've seen from the grocery store…I recommend Vital Choice—my personal favorite for delicious, fresh, healthy, and completely safe canned tuna and salmon.
Vital Box captures the fresh-caught quality of succulent, sustainably harvested Alaskan salmon and northwest Pacific seafood by cleaning and flash-freezing it within hours of harvest.
I purchased for my brother (difficult to buy for) and he loved it!! He can’t stop raving about the fish! Thank you for quality!

quote-icon The Best Places To Buy Seafood Online, Including Fresh And Frozen Fish quote-icon 

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