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Butter Poached Lobster

butter poched lobster

Butter poached lobster is done by removing the meat from the lobster and gently cooking in melted butter at a gentle simmer, not at a boit.

The best part about preparing butter poach lobster is that it cooks the lobster meat slowly and gently so as not to make the meat tough. Once the meat is poached, you can add it to a dish hot, or run it under cold water to cool it down and make a lobster salad, roll, or BLT (bacon, lobster, and tomato) sandwich.



1 - In a saucepan, bring water to a simmer over medium heat.

2 - Whisk in 1 tbs. butter, when butter melts add another piece.

3 - Continuing adding butter pieces—1 cup (two sticks total.) Do not let the butter come to a boil or the butter will separate. Try to keep the butter between 160 and 175 degrees F.

(OPTIONAL: Use an instant read thermometer to to keep it under 180 F.)

3 - Add defrosted, raw lobster meat.

4 - Cook for 6-8 minutes and turn meat in butter mixture.

5 - Make sure the butter does not come to a boil, reduce the heat if necessary.

6 - Be careful not to overcook lobster. Poached lobster should have an an internal temperature of about 140-145°

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