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Curcumin in Sockeye Salmon Oil 860mg softgels, 120 ct

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Average Ratings:

"Curcumin" Vicki D on 6/22/2018 1:23 PM Rating:
Review: My husband’s doctor has recommended he include curcumin in his daily supplements. We’ve taken your fish oil for years and had confidence yours was the best choice! I wish you had magnesium too!

"Curcumin Sockeye Salmon Oil" Garnett G on 1/26/2018 4:22 AM Rating:
Review: Have not used enough to compare with the other Curcumin I was currently using. Interested in the change to Vital Choice"s product because I've appreciated the other items I use from Vital Choice

"Great Product" Elaine H on 1/12/2018 6:13 PM Rating:
Review: I like the idea of Sockeye Salmon oil mixed with curcumin in a capsule. I have tried mixing the curcumin with olive oil and the taste is terrible plus it stains my teeth. This is the perfect way to take curcumin except it is super expensive! Any chance you could lower the price? I take it and also give it to my dog. Would order it a lot more if it wasn't so expensive.

"supplement" Daurelle H on 11/21/2017 8:54 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent.

"Curcumin in Sockeye Salmon Oi" Leon Heinen on 9/23/2017 4:36 PM Rating:
Review: Am feeling energized and Alert

"Curcumin" Linda Randall on 7/23/2017 12:19 PM Rating:
Review: no aftertaste or belching. Nice to be able to take curcurmin with the Omega 3

"Curcumin essential" Agnes on 7/16/2017 7:59 AM Rating:
Review: I run out of this for awhile and can feel some difference. This caps does not upset my stomach like other such supplements do. Will reorder once needed

"Great product for pain relief" Darlene on 7/9/2017 7:46 AM Rating:
Review: This combination of curcumin and salmon oil is amazing. No stomach upset and it really relieves my chronic pain.

"Curcumin" Caroline D on 6/16/2017 7:09 AM Rating:
Review: This curcumin is pure and mixed with the fish is a wonderful immune system support !

"Curcumin in Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil" Deborah D on 6/11/2017 1:21 PM Rating:
Review: Easy to swallow. I don't feel any different but I know these are good for me.

"I think it helps!" Lorita H on 6/4/2017 3:57 AM Rating:
Review: I have rheumatoid arthritis and my daughter has long wanted me to add Curcumin to my diet - so I tried these capsules - and I am on my third month- I do think they have helped moderate my inflammation and there is no aftertaste

"Curcumin and omega-3s" Charles H on 6/2/2017 8:15 AM Rating:
Review: works to reduce inflammation and provide omega-3 as well.

"1st time I've tried this" Don F on 5/26/2017 5:44 PM Rating:
Review: Based on the formulation I have high hopes for this. Glad it's available!

"Current client" Lori Needham on 5/14/2017 6:00 AM Rating:
Review: This product line recommended by Rheumatologist and after one month of use, feel a significant difference in muscle and joint health. Will continue this regimen! Have recommended to others as well.

"Feeling much better!" Nick on 5/14/2017 4:10 AM Rating:
Review: Pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Didn't seem to want to go away. Was taking Curcumin under a different supplier. Started taking these in place of the other about a week ago. What a difference!! Back to my workouts. That;s huge to me.

"Awesome!" Tina M on 5/8/2017 2:43 AM Rating:
Review: I love getting my curcumin along with a good quality fish oil. No fishy burps either. Great product!

"Curcumin" Andrea on 4/22/2017 11:17 AM Rating:
Review: Great product! I've been taking it daily for over three years and wouldn't consider stopping or switching. I'[ve tried other brands and have found them irritating or unsettling to my digestion. Vital Choice Curcumin in Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is wonderful, even on an empty stomach! Thanks for such a great product!

"stops pain" Dar on 4/7/2017 7:28 AM Rating:
Review: This product is amazing. I felt a difference after the first pill. I have fibromyalgia and it took the pain and stiffness out of my shoulders and back right away. There is no problems with stomach upset like I have had before when taking curcumin and fish oil together.

"Great Stuff" Elizabeth S on 3/28/2017 4:40 PM Rating:
Review: I can't add anything more than other reviewers. Nice pure product with the benefit of having salmon oil with the curcumin as it should be taken with some fat.

"Great stuff" Rebecca on 3/6/2017 7:49 AM Rating:
Review: I can really tell the difference when I take this regularly. And soy and wheat free.

"Curcumin" Stephen P on 2/5/2017 5:31 PM Rating:
Review: Capsules are long and narrow so they are easy to swallow, unlike Prenatal Therapy capsules. I bought Curcumin to see if it would help with my arthritis. I have only been taking a few days. To soon to make a judgement.

"Curcumin for Inflammation" Marianne Bear on 1/27/2017 5:25 AM Rating:
Review: I love this product, it has helped reduce my arthritic inflammation. Even though it uses salmon oil there is no after taste or fish "burps". It also does not cause heart burn or stomach upset. Curcumin is my choice for help with inflammation. I do not want to take prescriptive drugs which have a side effect of "GI Bleeding". This is a healthy choice.

"circumin with salmon oil" Darlene on 1/7/2017 8:27 AM Rating:
Review: This product is amazing. I have never been able to take both products together because it would upset my stomach. This product does not do that at all. I have no fishy burps and my stomach is happy. It also greatly reduces my joint pain. Love this product, do not ever discontinue it.

"Excellent Product" Charlene on 12/10/2016 10:14 AM Rating:
Review: All Vital Choice products are wonderful. We've been using them daily for 15 years. They are pricey as are their food items. Quality is expensive. I have one concern: Once you are in the subscription system, they just keep sending and sending. I have called many times to stop the subscription and they STILL send them. I have a box awaiting their pick up right now! It has happened more than once or I wouldn't mention it. Love the company, love the products. Will always use them.

"Curcumin in Alaskan Salmon Oil 250mg (120 ct)" Don B on 12/9/2016 10:17 AM Rating:
Review: My wife passed two years ago primarily due to a very low immune system/Cancer. I have read up on Curcumin for many years and decided to go with yours since I was already using your D-3 in Salmon Oil. Just recently sent 3 to one of my doctors who also lost ahis wife to cancer, and his daughter has been on it for 6-7 weeks now and her cancer cell counts have gone down significantly.(With Chemo). Now me! Started taking Curcumin in early March, 2013, just getting over a horrible extended illness. Since beginning Curcumin I have not even had a "COLD" since then and am not superstitious about talking about it, although if there is some wood in the area I may put a couple of knocks on it. Maybe the Lord thinks I have gone through enough for a while but that is the reason I promote Curcumin to others. I truly believe your business will increase dramatically in the North Atlanta suburb area. Thanks for truly promoting a great product (S).

"Curcumin" Ruth G on 12/8/2016 5:16 AM Rating:
Review: I have taken a couple bottles of this product and think it has relieved the morning stiffness and arthritic pain I suffer often times. I have now gotten my sister interested in the product and when I received two bottles this last shipmen, I am giving one of those to her to try. I also love the canned smoked red-eye socket salmon I buy, occasionally, to make party dips and all my friends love that, also...Thank you for wanting my opinion---thank you for having this Curcumin. Ruth Goodwin

"Curcumin In Alaska Salmon Oil" Andrea on 11/21/2016 3:41 PM Rating:
Review: Best curcumin supplement I've ever tried. I've been using it for 3 years. Really helps my joint inflammation, from accidents and heavy lifting. It still has me "Feeling Good" (see my review in 2014). I try not to run out, because I really miss it when I don't take it . Also, it doesn't upset my digestive system like other curcumins.

"G.G. Virginia" Gayle G. on 9/9/2016 12:54 AM Rating:
Review: This is such a great product as it combines two things that need to be taken together. Curcumin works better with fish oil and Vital Choice once again delivers...!

"Love this product!" Sue M on 8/30/2016 4:51 AM Rating:
Review: I used this for several months and then ran out. The stiffness in my joints returned quickly. I hadn't realized how much this helped until I stopped taking it. I now take it regularly - I love that the turmeric is in fish oil - a double benefit for my body.

"healthy curcumin" Marti on 4/14/2016 9:12 AM Rating:
Review: I thoroughly believe in this product; this was a re-order.

"good" Dolores M on 4/12/2016 9:56 AM Rating:
Review: easy to take, no aftertaste, no side effects.

"retired" Martha R on 3/13/2016 4:50 PM Rating:
Review: Excellent results. Was previously taking approx 6 ibuprofen a day. Now that I take this supplement I do not take any ibuprofen. Great product! My son, Tony sent these to me.

"The Best Curcumin I have Found!" Cassina T on 2/9/2016 11:13 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent Curcumin! I have tried other Curcumin with absolutely no affect at all that I noticed. But with Vital Choice Curcumin the rough spots on top of and behind my left ear, which had been there for years, disappeared entirely within one week ... and it has stayed nice and smooth ever since. Now, that is a real change that I was able to see happen almost right away, so it must be doing some real good for me! And I am only taking half of the suggested dose since I am so sensitive to most products like this. There are no side affects whatever with this Curcumin other then healing my body, which is just what it is supposed to do!

"Best Quality" Stephanie Padgett on 2/9/2016 10:30 AM Rating:
Review: I've used other brands & the quality didn't come close to VitalChoice. I feel a difference in about 2 weeks.

"Curcumin-better for me than ibuprofen..." Constance Henderson, PhD on 1/26/2016 8:47 AM Rating:
Review: I am a nutritionist and a double-knee replacement recipient. When it was time to wean myself from painkillers after the surgery I chose curcumin and fish oil. Along with regular exercise, a diet complete with lots of pure protein and fruits and vegetables and a lot of TLC I think I found my healing duo! And, that I have complete trust in the purity and potency of Vital Choice products - all of them- I am a happy 65 year old!!

"Oils" Smith on 1/21/2016 10:02 AM Rating:
Review: Have had success with effectively lowering cholesterol.

"Exceeded all expectations" Elyse G on 11/22/2015 6:49 AM Rating:
Review: Discussed taking curcumin with my PCP before reverting to a prescription anti inflammatory... really did the trick! Glad that I opted to receive this product on auto ship....also glad that I can resume my regular exercise program...pain free.

"curcumin" Ann K on 11/8/2015 6:28 AM Rating:
Review: I use this product for my joint pain (arthritis) nothing can take the discomfort away completely but it helps.

"Curcumin supplement" Eric Berman on 10/15/2015 6:47 AM Rating:
Review: It's hard to know what works and what doesn't, but with Vital Choice's reputation for purity and quality and the latest news about the benefits of turmeric, it's a safe bet that something good will come of taking this supplement.

"Curcumin in Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil " Saias G on 10/7/2015 8:57 AM Rating:
Review: Best of bests...

"Living with Arthritis." Rita S H on 8/3/2015 11:08 AM Rating:
Review: Omega three with Curcumin has helped so much. Have arthritis is various joints of my body-feet, fingers hips, knees etc. With this product I live most days comfortably. Also eat wild Salmon several meal a week.

"Curcumin" Cel Chiang on 3/21/2015 1:18 PM Rating:
Review: Excellent Quality

"Serious relief for inflammation" Tony W Nodine on 3/1/2015 9:03 AM Rating:
Review: Seriously helps with arthritis pain and inflammation. One of the few supplements I purchase by subscription.

"Curcumin and salmon oil" Corrie on 1/30/2015 3:20 PM Rating:
Review: This is good stuff. It helps quite a bit with pain in my hands as well as in my back. It's funny because one day the aches and pains are gone and you think you might just be having a good day. The next, you realize that it is this supplement. It also grows stong fingernails and hair. My boyfriend complained of his brittle, broken nails, so I recommended he try this. Now his nails are strong and healthy and his hair is better than ever (though that's always been good). This is my second time ordering 3 bottles. I think it took a couple weeks to experience results, but two tablets a day between meals is easy. It's nice to know the supplement is coming from a reliable source. Good stuff and well worth the money.

"Makes a difference" Michele on 12/24/2014 4:37 AM Rating:
Review: Have been taking Curcumin for about six weeks. It made so much difference with my arthritis I sent some to my mother. I also sent some to my daughters, one who gets stiffness from riding, the other who works on her feet in a hospital.

"Feel Great after taking" Keith on 12/22/2014 6:51 PM Rating:
Review: I'm getting up there with age, and most supplements bother me after taking. I can take these on an empty stomach an hour before dinner. Your mileage may vary. The claims that this stuff helps you seems true to me. When I go for walks of 2 miles or more, they work for me to reduce inflammation, which in turn causes pain. I tolerate these well as it calms my digestive system. The truth will come with my medical blood testing, but for now I remain positive as most medications and supplements bother me. I also eat a fair amount of Vital Choice Sockeye Salmon, traditional and I can can walk and run further than before, so it's not my imagination.

"Curcumin" Connie on 12/11/2014 1:24 PM Rating:
Review: This is the purest on the market. Every other cur cumin product I have tried has fillers or other things that leave you wondering why. Good job on this one!

"Curcumin" Catherine James on 12/11/2014 7:04 AM Rating:
Review: I have been taking the Curcumin in Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for over a year, and I do believe it has helped my arthritis, and my good cholesterol is very high.

"Curcumin" Constance Henderson, PhD on 12/9/2014 8:10 AM Rating:
Review: As a nutritionist, I am always making sure the products I recommend are pure and potent. I can always count on Vital Choice. Inflammation decreases, antioxidant scores increase. Just what I wanted!

"1412" Winslow Crocker Jr on 10/31/2014 8:31 AM Rating:
Review: The Products are awesome and the service excellent

"Reduces inflamation" Tony N on 8/28/2014 3:13 AM Rating:
Review: I am convinced that this formulation reduces inflammation. It's difficult to quantify, but my mother and I have had different, yet distinct pain relief after taking this product for 90 days.

"Cold prevention" Lydia Stephens on 6/23/2014 11:18 PM Rating:
Review: This product has definitely made a difference with the common cold. Kept my family healthy during cold/ flu season.

"Feel Good!" Andrea Castellanos on 5/16/2014 7:29 AM Rating:
Review: Curcumin in Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil makes me feel good all over especially during stressful times and after stressful physical activities!

"Curcumin Curiosity" April on 1/20/2014 7:21 PM Rating:
Review: So, I ordered this thinking "long term" about the potential use of an anti-inflammatory for the brain. No anecdotal evidence about THAT aspect... I have a joint which took a few nasty injuries 20 years ago (and probably is arthritic as a result) - and from time to time wakes me up to remind me of those injuries. In the past a strong NSAID was helpful. I might have taken it a few times a year. I haven't taken it in a while. It just dawned on me the other day that since I have been taking this regularly, I haven't had occasion to wonder where I stashed the prescription. The joint hasn't been terribly troublesome and it hasn't awakened me in the middle of the night. This is purely anecdotal - your results may vary. I wanted to share this in case it is useful to someone in a situation like mine. Not cheap, and be sure to read the details about drug interactions on the "details" tab. No idea if it's doing what I hoped it would when I made the purchase, but also joyfully aware that it sure DID help (me at least) with a bum knee.

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