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Ikura Keta Salmon Caviar (Roe) 2.2 lb. tray - no dividers

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Average Ratings:

"Delicious omega-3 source!" Susan L on 10/26/2019 5:35 PM Rating:
Review: The tray arrived frozen. The salmon roe is delicious and an excellent source of omega-3. I was taking cod liver oil before, but it made my stomach feel mildly uncomfortable. Salmon roe has absolutely no negative side effects. I eat a little every day to make the tray last. I feel this is definitely worth the expense for such delicious, high quality roe.

"Will definitely buy again!" Joy on 9/13/2019 11:05 PM Rating:
Review: Really good, arrived in excellent condition. My fiancé and I eat a little every day. Great way to get our omega-3s!

"Great product" Adam D on 9/8/2019 6:25 PM Rating:
Review: Great product, been buying it for ages. Easy to defrost, taste is exactly what I like, and there's no overwhelming saltiness. It is unfortunate that it lacks dividers, but I can suggest a solution. I take a cleaver and chop the 2.2 pound block into 2 or 3 pieces. That way I don't need to defrost it all at once.

"Ikura didn't meet my expectations" Oksana Z on 6/27/2019 1:07 PM Rating:
Review: This Ikura Keta Salmon Caviar (Roe) tastes fishy in comparison to Ikura Sockeye Salmon Caviar (Roe). It doesn't tastes as fresh.

"Poor Packaging" Lauren B on 6/5/2019 4:53 PM Rating:
Review: The salmon roe comes frozen in one tray with no quadrants. Very hard to thaw, unless if you can eat 2.2 lb of roe within a few days. Have had a lot of waste, extremely disappointed. - Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your feedback. Our team will reach out to you today to discuss thawing tips. Thank you!

"best" Galina on 5/13/2019 3:25 PM Rating:
Review: delicious and high quality product!

"Best (weirdest?) Christmas gift ever!" EN from PA on 1/17/2019 11:34 AM Rating:
Review: My 9 y.o. is a fiend for ikura, so I got him the 2.2 lb box of keta roe for his big Christmas gift. I put the actual roe in the freezer, wrote a note on the inside of the cardboard packing box it came in, and wrapped up the empty box. He had a lot of fun trying to guess what it was before unwrapping it, loved the "treasure hunt" aspect of it, and literally jumped for joy when he found it in the freezer. He's on the second compartment now, and still enjoys every bite. The quality is excellent (he magnanimously offered to share with me) and I will totally be ordering again. Customer service could not have been better -- they answered all of my questions, the package came in environmentally responsible packaging, and the delivery was as promised (and free!). What a great experience, from start to finish.

"Great Product!" Chris on 3/11/2018 4:17 AM Rating:
Review: These eggs are wonderful! I store them in a vacuseal bag in the freezer and take small pieces off each day. I’ve noticed that my skin glows when I eat these consistently. They taste great too!

"Great but not for individual use" Seth B on 3/2/2018 10:05 AM Rating:
Review: Love the product but unfortunately it was not split into serving trays. Thawing the full amount caused a lot of waste since I couldn’t eat 2.2 lbs in the time needed. Was not clear that it was packed as 1 tray making it impossible to portion. - Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are sorry to hear your disappointment in the product. We do try to make the descriptions clear in regards to packaging. I do see you have been in touch with our Customer Service Team regarding this order. Thank you, The Vital Choice Team

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