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Sockeye Salmon Oil 8.5 fl. oz., with pour spout

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Average Ratings:

"Horrible" Ginny C on 12/21/2019 3:23 AM Rating:
Review: I bought this to not only give my kitty, but for myself. I expected it to have a wonderful salmon smell, but didn't even smell like fish! It had a chemical or smelled more like motor oil than salmon oil. I offered to my kitty in water and she took one whiff and walked away. Very disappointed. - Thank you for sharing your feedback we are sorry to hear you did not enjoy the liquid salmon oil. Our Customer Service Team will follow up with you today. Thank you!

"Taste mighty fine!" Reetie on 11/9/2019 12:36 PM Rating:
Review: I have had other high quality fish oils in the past, but this one has a very mild taste in comparison. No after taste, burping or any problems. I will definitely be buying this on a regular basis.

"Excellent/Economical Salmon Oil" RLF on 5/13/2019 12:26 PM Rating:
Review: I have taken this salmon oil on and off for the last 13 or 14 years. I researched every salmon/fish/krill oil I could find and believe this oil to be the best/cleanest available. There is no aftertaste and for me it has a mild taste making it easy to swallow. Definitely the most economical way to take this salmon oil.

"Messy - Unsure if good" Angela C on 10/10/2018 4:13 PM Rating:
Review: I can't tell yet if it's working but what I do know is oil gets everywhere and is really messy. I basically put water in my mouth and squirt the oil in my mouth and then swallow it. I bought 3 at a time and I am going to look into trading in the pump for capsules but I heard it doesn't last as long so we will see. Disappointed with the mess and unsure about product. Have used for a couple weeks now. - Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are sorry to hear you have found this product so messy. Our Customer Service Team will follow up with you with some suggestions on consuming this product. Thank you!

"salmon oil review" Wanda J on 9/4/2018 11:22 AM Rating:
Review: Premium oil, doesn't taste bad either! I would highly recommend, my friends!

"Tasty and mild" Julia on 3/30/2018 5:10 AM Rating:
Review: I hate swallowing pills, so if I can find an alternative I do. I've become convinced that of all the supplements I might possibly take, salmon oil is at the top of the list. So my workaround to avoiding swallowing a handful of capsules, is to pump a few spoonfuls into a small can of the VitalChoice salmon, it adds no flavor that the salmon itself doesn't already have, but enriches it slightly in a good way. I am looking forward to discovering the health benefits in a few months of having a can enriched this way every day - having a much higher 'dose' of salmon oil than I could possibly manage by taking pills.

"Sockeye Salmon Oil" Vicky on 3/16/2018 6:31 AM Rating:
Review: It’s too soon to see any health changes as I have just recently started taking the salmon oil, but the taste is very mild and the pump makes it a clean and easy way to dispense it. I’m pleased with this product and will buy it again.

"Sockeye Salmon Oil Liquid" Carolyn K on 3/9/2018 8:20 AM Rating:
Review: Convenient way to get Omega 3 each day. More readily absorbed than pills.

"Sockeye Salmon Oil Liquid" Joanne S. on 2/16/2018 10:55 AM Rating:
Review: the taste is fishy. should had ordered the flavored one.

"Wanted to Like This" Jodi on 2/2/2018 3:11 PM Rating:
Review: Am I the only one with this issue? I recently went from Rosita's to this brand. I had slightly dry and some scaly skin, so I wanted to try this one. Within a day, my skin dried up tremendously and was super scaly. I first tried the recommended dose of 3/4 t and then tried double the next day. Hello Jodi, We are very sorry to hear your disappointment in the Liquid Salmon Oil. Our Customer Service Team will be reaching out to you shortly to discuss your order. Thank you, The Customer Service Team

"Not sure what a review title is?" Michele on 11/30/2017 11:16 AM Rating:
Review: It's too early to give a review on the results and effects of using this oil, but I can say it is very expensive especially for only an 8 oz bottle! - Thank you for your review. We do hope you will come back and share your feedback once you have consumed the oil for a month. Thank you, The Vital Choice Team

"Amazing quality" Jen on 11/26/2017 10:28 AM Rating:
Review: I ordered the sockey oil after the vet recommended human grade for my dog with arthritis. The results have been amazing - he gobbles it up with his food every morning - and is now running up and down the stairs! Bonus - his coat looks fantastic.

"Good Stuff" Diane on 10/30/2017 8:54 AM Rating:
Review: I make a juice each morning and I add the sockeye salmon oil to four of my families' juice jars.....I also give some to my cat for his nutritional benefit. Love it!

"Always Good" Dennis M on 10/29/2017 6:26 AM Rating:
Review: Been using this oil for years. It seems to do the job and doesn't taste bad. Good product!

"Love Liquid Salmon Oil" Debra B. on 8/26/2017 3:33 AM Rating:
Review: The very first time I tasted the Liquid Sockeye Salmon Oil, I was in love with the flavor. I even pour this delicious pure tasting fish oil straight from the bottle into my daily 3/4 teaspoonful. I've been a loyal customer for nearly 8 years now. It's an amazing company with top notch customer service and healthy "Vital Choices"!!

"Sockeye Oil" Sharon Bolby on 8/14/2017 12:42 PM Rating:
Review: I take my oils the old fashion way. Right off a tablespoon. No juice or sweet smoothie to help cover the fishy taste. Surprise! The Sockeye Oil is a beautiful pure color with a very mild and nice flavor. My granny would have loved it.

"Sockeye Salmon Oil Liquid" Carolyn on 7/21/2017 7:14 AM Rating:
Review: Easy way to get your Omega-3's.

"Extremely pleased" Lina J on 7/17/2017 8:29 AM Rating:
Review: I'm extremely pleased about this Salmon Oil, I have a dry eye syndrome that needs not only the Omega 3's from fish oil but to have it come from Sockeye salmon that has the Astaxantin ingredient that specifically addresses this. couldn't be happier.

"Pure Product" Alli on 6/15/2017 9:02 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent product quality. Only complaint was the cap was leaking when it arrived and was on the cardboard packaging so inevitably I lost a bit of the product. Thank you for sharing these comments. Our customer care team will contact you today.

"regarding taste and pump" Emily on 5/29/2017 6:48 PM Rating:
Review: This seems like a high quality product which I will continue to use, but I noticed that the bottle arrived too full to use the pump (putting the pump in would have lead to spilling over of the precious oil!). So for the first several days, I'm pouring it from the bottle into a spoon, until I've created room. I'd love to hear if there are other ways to get around this. Secondly, I wonder if there's any way to make this have a lemon or orange flavor without compromising quality? Thank you for sharing this feedback. A customer service agent will contact you today.

"Best for my fur-baby!" Don F on 5/26/2017 5:40 PM Rating:
Review: It doesn't get any better than this!

"love this oil" Chris O on 4/27/2017 6:36 AM Rating:
Review: I take two teaspoons and pour it over my small portion of canned sockeye salmon. I think it makes the salmon taste better. I don't use the pump at all. I don't understand why the suggested serving size is only 3/4 teaspoon. I know the old saying that just because something is good for you, doesn't mean that more of it is better. Any comment from Vital Choice regarding serving size? - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. The suggested daily serving is 3/4 teaspoon for the 600mg of Omega-3's. With your serving size you are getting about 1600mg of Omega-3's per day. Some people need more Omega-3's depending on their diet and Omega-6 consumption. We have never heard a bad report of someone consuming too much Omega-3's. Thank you, The Vital Choice Team

"Challenge you to find better!!" Gigi on 4/7/2017 7:40 AM Rating:
Review: I was so delighted to find this product... I was taking a fish oil from a chiropractor which they said was the very best how ever it had only talipia oil in it. I read how much better the red sockeye salmon oil is for you and even tho I have to get this by mail. It comes in two days from the east coast to Tennessee. the delightful part is if you order auto its free shipping and I don't have to worry about remembering to order. I like they offer the oil vs the capsules as they are hard to swallow and remember several times a day. just one teaspoon in the morning and your done. no fishy aftertaste either. thank you vital choice!

"It works" Suzanne P on 3/23/2017 8:05 AM Rating:
Review: Nicky's very mild case of dry skin cleared up in a week and his coat is gradually getting back his puppy shine (also because he's almost through blowing his undercoat, a Newf). I feel confident that I am giving him the purest oil that I can, since he will be using it daily. My vet said to skip dog oil and look at human grade and I am so glad I found this.

"Liquid sockeye - great source of omega 3" Leta Hunt on 3/17/2017 2:40 PM Rating:
Review: Vital Choice liquid salmon oil is a great way to get omega 3. It is tasteless, odorless very high quallity wild Alaskan salmon oil. My doctor recommends that I take several fish oil pills every day for an immune illness. A couple of tablespoons of salmon oil is a less expensive and easy way to get the omega 3 without all those pills. It helps to know that it is high quality too. Otherwise it might taste fishy.

"Great Fish Oil!" Dennis M on 3/10/2017 7:28 AM Rating:
Review: This oil doesn't taste bad and I believe it gives us the Omega 3's we need!

"Liquid Gold" Ann on 2/26/2017 2:05 AM Rating:
Review: I love this salmon oil! Couldn't get better if I processed it myself.

"Miso with sockeye oil" Stephanie on 2/20/2017 5:47 AM Rating:
Review: Much better then oil I have purchased through WF! The other morning a put a squirt in my miso soup, a good way to enhance the soup. Also my dog likes it. I have started her on it as she is also aging.

"Excellent Product!!!!!" Gail Mason on 2/13/2017 6:45 AM Rating:
Review: I use 2 or 3 pumps of this oil for my two Golden Retrievers, who are very prone to cancer, and have been SO pleased with the results. My 10 yr old always has great vet checks with the vet always commenting that he looks and acts like a dog half his age.

"Liquid Salmon Oil" Marty B. on 2/3/2017 7:21 AM Rating:
Review: The oil is of top quality - you can tell when you ingest a spoonful of it. I'm fully convinced that this is the best form in which to get my Omega 3 dose. I'm very happy with the product.

"Great Salmon Oil" Jonathan N on 12/7/2016 5:18 AM Rating:
Review: Thus far, the oil is great. The smell is pleasant and it does not have a bad fishy taste.

"Great!" Ellen on 11/21/2016 9:18 AM Rating:
Review: The best salmon oil you can buy. Compare omega ratio, and especially Omega 3's.

"Fix the pump" Sally on 11/7/2016 10:27 AM Rating:
Review: Probably a good product--too soon to tell. Much more expensive than other salmon oil. Your pump drips. This is beyond annoying; it makes a mess in my fridge and wastes this pricey oil. I won't be purchasing again for this reason. Even Pure Paw, probably an inferior salmon oil, has a functional, non-drip pump. Hello Sally, Thank you for choosing Vital Choice. Our Customer Service Team will be contacting you shortly. The Vital Choice Team

"Great taste, beautiful color" Ellen on 11/5/2016 2:53 PM Rating:
Review: No fishy taste. My dog and I love it. Very nutritious compared to any other product on the market. For those who say the bottle is too full, try this: Open the pump and depress the plunger (hold it down); place the tip gradually into the bottle while letting up on the plunger. This way, the excess oil is in the pump tubing, not displaced by the empty tube. I don't want to waste a drop of this stuff--liquid gold:)

"Pump Stem" Ken on 9/23/2016 5:51 AM Rating:
Review: The Pump stem is to long,I need to trim 1/4" off the plastic tube. This has always been a problem. - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice and sharing your feedback. We will ask our team to review the length of the pump stem. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. - Vital Choice Team

"Great-Tasting Salmon Oil" Chris Durkee on 8/13/2016 3:28 PM Rating:
Review: I really like the taste, the quality, and the fact that it's pure sockeye salmon oil. Vital Choice comes through again! I'll be using this oil from now on.

"Awesome Product!" Gail Mason on 8/9/2016 12:47 PM Rating:
Review: This product was highly recommended from West Coast Canine for my two Golden Retrievers. They love it!!!!!

"Salmon Oil" Yumi I on 7/19/2016 5:50 AM Rating:
Review: It has clean taste and easy to take.

"High quality" Susan A on 7/4/2016 2:04 PM Rating:
Review: This is the best quality fish oil i've been able to find. My only complaint is that the bottles are too full! I have to pour some into an old bottle before I put in the pump. And the price is good when I buy 6. I actually like the flavor, put it on my salads sometimes.

"Liquid Sockeye Salmon Oil" Carolyn K on 6/3/2016 8:28 AM Rating:
Review: Easy way to get daily dose of Omega 3's

"Sockeye Salmon oil" F. Gilkes on 5/23/2016 11:17 AM Rating:
Review: We love the rich color and it has no 'fishy' smell whatsoever. We mix it into our dogs food bowl to give them their omegas and a nice shiny coat. Its a mainstay, we order it regularly. In general I love everything about Vital Choice high end products.

"Liquid Sockeye Salmon Oil" Kay on 5/7/2016 2:11 PM Rating:
Review: The oil has a mild taste and easily taken without mixing it with food.

"Liquid Sockeye Salmon Oil" Carolyn N Kemper on 3/28/2016 8:44 AM Rating:
Review: A good and easy way to get your Omega 3's. Use a table spoon every day. Helps with over all wellness and joints.

"Great product!" Maurine Roller on 3/10/2016 7:10 PM Rating:
Review: Excellent oil! Mild taste, easy to swallow. Dropped my cholesterol 29 points! Has become a staple in my diet.

"Great product!" Maurine Roller on 3/10/2016 7:10 PM Rating:
Review: Excellent oil! Mild taste, easy to swallow. Dropped my cholesterol 29 points! Has become a staple in my diet.

"purchaser" Judy on 3/8/2016 11:50 AM Rating:
Review: I purchased for my cats. Seems to be working well,mixed in wet food. Finding less spit ups of hairballs.

"Liquid Sockeye Salmon Oil" Thomas M on 1/7/2016 5:15 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent option for Omega 3's; vs. Fish oil capsules that are all likely rancid! No objectionable flavor or aftertaste for me!

"Wish I Knew" Holly on 1/2/2016 3:55 AM Rating:
Review: Wish I could give this a 5-star review, but since I've yet to receive the item, I don't have any idea. Certainly have a "backup" plan since this apparently takes weeks to arrive.

"smoothie addition" Charles H on 12/19/2015 2:23 PM Rating:
Review: I put my liquid salmon oil in my daily "sipping solution", a smoothie created by Dr. William Sears who mentions it in the Book, "the Omega Effect". If you don't care for the fishy taste, this is a way to disguise it and still get your daily quota of omega-3s.

"Unlike Anything I Have Tried" Roxie Fortener on 12/14/2015 8:38 AM Rating:
Review: This Omega 3 oil is unlike anything I have tried. It is very clean. Don't need a chaser for this one. I ordered it because of a dry eye condition and I have to say it is working! I just ordered my second bottle. In addition,I have long strong nails which I have NEVER had before

"Quality Product" Susan S on 12/14/2015 5:51 AM Rating:
Review: The liquid sockeye salmon oil has no fishy smell or aftertaste. I use it generously on my vegetable wraps. I only wonder why the daily dosage is just 3/4 of a teaspoon!

"Best Fish Oil" J.K. on 12/9/2015 5:32 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent product. Arrives very fast and fresh. Keeps my mind sharp! Also helps my dry eye.

"Must-Have Canine Supplement" Don Fonshill on 11/12/2015 1:49 AM Rating:
Review: This is one of the best things available to add to a dog's daily regimen. I enthusiastically endorse it.

"User" Tony S on 10/26/2015 12:41 PM Rating:
Review: Excellent product!!

"Love this" Patricia Love on 10/11/2015 11:04 AM Rating:
Review: Have been giving our dog salmon oil for 5 years. Used to open capsules to give to her. This oil makes it so much easier - just a couple of pumps every other day. She loves it and I know I am giving her something good.

"Liquid Salmon Oil" Brian on 9/20/2015 5:44 AM Rating:
Review: I believe it to be finest omega supplement on the market and have taken for years; in my opinion, the liquid variety is superior to capsules...3/4 teaspoon vs 3 doubt which is better for the body; reducing capsules is good when you can and this is an easy one to do; I take 1/2 teaspoon at breakfast and 1/2 teaspoon at dinner which is above recommended amount but I think is right for me

"Sockeye Salmon" c erdey on 9/10/2015 4:36 PM Rating:
Review: Love this product. It is the real deal without gelatin wrapped around it and without disguising lemon or orange scents which makes it difficult to determine if the fish oil is rancid. This cures joint aches and promotes a good mood in both hubby and myself. A reliable, trustworthy and consistent brand we have found in Vital Choice. We recommend this brand to friends and family. PS: And my hubby swears his grey hairs are less frequent since starting this product...

"Great Salmon Oil" Dennis M on 8/23/2015 12:11 PM Rating:
Review: I've used this for several years and have always found it to be great oil!

"Liquid Sockeye Salmon Oil" Diane Ruid on 3/17/2015 11:08 AM Rating:
Review: Wonderful way to get the benefits of Omega 3's without having to add another pill to one's vitamin regimen or in the case of a child for whom it is very difficult to swallow pills. It was recommended that a child I am related to take omega 3's and so they have their own bottle that they can just squirt directly into their mouth!!! They are on the autism spectrum with sensory issues and if they can swallow the liquid directly and get used to the taste, it is a testimony to how doable this liquid form truly is. I won't make detailed health benefit claims in their case, however the results have been VERY positive and noticeable to all that know them. Wonderful product!!!!!

"Smoooooth Sockeye Salmon Oil" JLC on 3/4/2015 7:35 AM Rating:
Review: Well, this is a product you take because you think you need it, not because it's a great snack. That said, this is a premium fish oil and actually has a fairly mild flavor. I use either a coffee or lemonade chaser and never have a fishy taste left in my mouth. If you're looking for an alternative to caplets this is a great product.

"Sockeye Salmon Oil" Patricia Love on 3/1/2015 6:04 AM Rating:
Review: I used to squeeze salmon oil out of capsules to give to our dog. This makes it so much easier to see that she gets her omega 3's and she loves it. Most importantly I can feel confident about the quality as it comes from Vital Choice.

"really great!" Angela on 2/19/2015 5:49 AM Rating:
Review: I have been searching for a high quality, no toxin, good source of epa and dha omega 3s in appropriate proportions. Everyone raves about Fermented Cod Liver Oil from Green Pastures but 1) it is insanely expensive 2) contains toxins due it being cod 3)doesn't have very decent amounts of epa and dha so it requires you to take about 20 capsules a day when pregnant 4) is not traditionally fermented in the truly old fashioned sense 5) has given some people gastric pain When I found this oil after reading a Chris Kesser article, I was so excited. I love not having to take more capsules. The pump idea is brilliant. I love that the oil retains its natural vitamin a and d. They arrived well packaged in their own individual box. It tastes like salmon, so it does taste like fish but not foul or rank. My toddler has only eaten fish twice before and he has cheerfully swallowed his dose and even asked for more so he certainly doesn't think the taste is offensive. The only complaint I have is the size of bottle in relation to pump. When I removed the cap and inserted the pump, I couldn't because the bottle was so full that the pump displaced oil enough to overflowing. I had to remove two tsp from bottle in order for pump to screw on without displacing liquid. It wasn't a huge issue but maybe an idea for future bottle design. I have been promoting this oil on several health Facebook groups in the hopes people will discover this quality oil.

"Excellent Product" Bea on 1/16/2015 6:52 AM Rating:
Review: The liquid sockeye salmon oil is just what I was looking for. I try not to take medication for the things we older people need, like cholesterol. I'm 73 and take no medication, thanks in part to this salmon oil that I take every day. I can''t swallow the fish pills that are sold in stores, so the liquid works well for me. As for the taste? It's not really that unpleasant, and I just wash it down with my coffee. Superior quality. Thanks, Vital Choice!

"its really great" michael f on 1/11/2015 4:06 AM Rating:
Review: wow, healing power. snort it!

"A great option for those that can't or wont swallow pills" Frai on 11/3/2014 9:06 AM Rating:
Review: I buy this for my father who can't swallow pills. I also used to use it for myself as it's more economical than getting the gelcaps - I used to put some tomato juice on a spoon and then add the fishoil - and swallow it down - great if you are a bit squeamish about the fishoil taste. follow it with some more tomato juice.

"Worth every penny" Didi on 10/31/2014 4:05 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent, thick oil. Beautiful color. You can tell this hasn't been watered down.

"true benefits" Nancy P on 10/23/2014 4:01 AM Rating:
Review: I was amazed that after 2 & 1/2 weeks of taking this oil, my nails were actually " beautiful ". Never before in my life! There are no fish burps ... the taste. however, takes getting used to. If my nails benefited, think of how my insides must benefit as well

"Sockeye Salmon Liquid" Dan Krause on 9/18/2014 8:23 AM Rating:
Review: Very fast and convenient to take no large capsules just squirt and down the hatch.

"Product without extras" SFM on 9/12/2014 3:56 PM Rating:
Review: Nice to find a fish oil without chemicals and other additives. Quality source of salmon oil without the junk!

Review: I have been using this stuff for years for my cats and dogs. I mix a couple of pumps in the wet cat food "gravy" I pour on the dry food for the colony of outside cats that I feed every day. When I got dogs and especially one Chihuahua who definitely needed some oil for the brain and nerves, he is such a calmer boy now. My other dogs get a pump a day each into the cat food cans with the left over sauce and they all have beautiful coats. Just turned my neighbor on to it and she'll be ordering also. The best thing about this is that is it WILD and so good for them!!

"A wonderful product" Elizabeth on 7/24/2014 7:43 PM Rating:
Review: I did a lot of research prior to choosing a fish oil and/or cod liver oil, and I will always be thankful for a random article comment where a man offhandedly asked why more people didn't take Vital Choice's liquid salmon oil, since A) it doesn't have the issues of mainstream cod liver oil, where synthetic Vitamin A & D are re-added after they've been stripped during processing, which can lead to Vitamin A toxicity, and B) isn't absolutely disgusting and foul like fermented cod liver oil, which is monopolized by one brand. I began to do a little research on Vital Choice and was so impressed with everything I found, and decided their product resolved the issues I had with most commercial cod liver oils, like Carlson's, etc, and would be delicious to take, because it's just salmon grease right? Yum. I wanted to take something that was a significant source of not just EPA and DHA, but also good sources of A & D, so I didn't have to take both fish oil AND cod liver oil. And let me tell you, I couldn't be more satisfied with my choice. The color is beautiful, and it tastes wonderful. I'm having to fight to keep it to the tiny doses...I had one teaspoon (simply easier to measure than 3/4 teaspoon) plain and swallowed it no problem. No fish burps! No gagging! It was good! It tasted like the delicious run off you get after frying up salmon in butter. I think it would be lovely tossed on a salad with salmon on top, or with a mayonnaise based tuna salad/salmon salad. Later, I couldn't resist adding another tsp to some shrimp soup I was having, where it complimented those seafood flavors extremely well. Note to diabetics this salmon oil significantly reduces my blood glucose. We're talking an approximate 20% reduction after two teaspoons, 96 down to 76! And it's a reduction that holds. Something to be mindful of if you take drugs that could make you go too low. For me, it's wonderful. Obviously, as with all things related to blood glucose, your mileage may vary. I don't consider myself to be "megadosing", but since this is not synthetic vitamin A, which I do believe is very dangerous in certain high doses, I am taking more than the recommended 3/4 teaspoon. I will take approximately 1 tablespoon a day, or 9 grams. That's because I have a Vitamin D deficiency, and I simply did the math to get it up to about 2000IU, as recommended by my doctor. Again, I am not worried about the amounts of Vitamin A, since they are what is naturally found in the fish and not added afterward. Thank you Vital Choice for making such an amazing product.

"The healthy choice" Floflakes on 7/16/2014 1:00 AM Rating:
Review: I began using this oil over a year ago to put in my puppies food to give her a healthy coat. Now the pup is a 1 1/2 and this oil is used daily mixed in her food. The color and consistency of this oil shows its quality and I know its not mixed with substandard material like many oils sold for canines. Its expensive but its worth it and we don't go without it.

"Great" Christopher L Huerta, MD on 7/10/2014 4:23 AM Rating:
Review: I've got several strong opinions about what is a healthy lifestyle. I've studied this subject and practiced medicine for over 30 years. Your Sockeye Salmon Oil is the best. Some day I'll find someone who will listen to logic.

"Good stuff!" Sarah M on 7/4/2014 7:58 AM Rating:
Review: The pump is really easy to use, my kid will drink it straight! Towards the end of the bottle, it gets a little thick, finish before the expiration date!

"Good for all oil" Catherine Carlise on 5/29/2014 5:55 AM Rating:
Review: This liquid salmon oil is great for people who have a problem swallowing pills. I also spritz some on my older dog's food. The vet agreed it would be very good for her for anti-inflammation!

"Wonderful!" Fraidy on 5/8/2014 9:41 AM Rating:
Review: Great value. Wonderful product. Have been buying it for years!! Love and trust this company.

"Excellent fish oil" Sunil on 4/27/2014 11:46 AM Rating:
Review: My kids have been having Liquid Salmon oil for past 2 years and they just love it. VitalChoice delivers the liquid fish oil at a high level of purity, free of contaminants and no fish oil burps. I would highly recommend this product for all age groups.

"Liquid Sockeye Salmon Oil" Ann Edelman on 12/1/2013 10:13 AM Rating:
Review: I got this for our dog. We always give him fish oil daily for his joints, coat, and overall health. I recently started giving him this salmon oil and what a difference! This is so pure with a bright red-orange color. Our dog loves it! This is the best, and his fur is so healthy!!

"Misprint +Math" Mac Low on 4/1/2012 7:38 AM Rating:
Review: <DIV>Tobben review and post of Vital Choice response, indicates that the Vit A content in 10 grams of Salmon Oil, is 7,200 IU. </DIV> <DIV>First, 10 grams of the 'oil' is barely 1 Tablespoon. -3/4 Teaspoon lists only 360 IU Vit A. That would come out to 1,440 IU per Tablespoon, per 12 grams of 'oil', aprox. I think you all confused the oil itself, with Total omega-3s. If you take 10 grams of total Omega-3s a day, via the oil, that would mean you took 7 Tablespoons of Salmon Oil. That would come out to 16,000 Total omega-3s. Of course, that would not be advised. V.C. is great!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>VITAL CHOICE COMMENT - April 3, 2012:</DIV> <DIV>Thanks, Mac ...&nbsp;the confusion arises because we&nbsp;inadvertently&nbsp;misstated the amount of vitamin A in the liquid oil, which, as in our salmon oil capsules,&nbsp;is 2060 IU per 3/4 tsp (3 gram) serving, not 340 IU. Thus, the average amount in 10-11 grams is&nbsp;7209 IU, which we rounded to 7200 IU.</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>FYI, the latest sockeye harvest providing our oil contained much lower levels of vitamin A, so the vitamin A&nbsp;numbers in the nutrition panels for all of our salmon oil supplements will be changed (reduced) when we start shipping that new batch. It is normal for the levels of omega-3s, vitamin A, and other nutrients&nbsp;to fluctuate in wild salmon, due to seasonal changes in their diet and other variables.</DIV>

"megadosing" William Tobben on 3/5/2012 7:02 AM Rating:
Review: <DIV>I quite like this fish oil and have been a user of it for over four years. My concern lies with the amount of Vitamin A it contains. I like to take nine or 10 grams of fish oil daily, yet taking that much of this oil would load me up with way more Vitamin A than I believe would be safe, much less therapeutic. I'm interested in other perspectives.</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>VITAL CHOICE RESPONSE:</DIV> <DIV>We join public health authorities in recommending&nbsp;250-500mg of EPA+DHA daily, and one 3-gram serving&nbsp;of our salmon oil provides 460 mg. </DIV> <DIV>The amount of vitamin A in 10 grams of our fish oil is very substantial (about 7,210 IU), and could be problematic in terms of blocking vitamin D uptake.</DIV> <DIV>We&nbsp;do NOT recommend taking 10 grams of our salmon oil (or any fish oil) daily, as&nbsp;that is wholly unnecessary and has no support from medical research.</DIV>

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